Best Motorcycle Cover – with reviews!

With so many motorcycle cover reviews on different models, brands and styles out there, it is natural to feel a bit overwhelmed. A deluxe cover is essential to help your motorcycle have a long life because it keeps it away from harsh elements of winter, snow, ice, and the blazing hot sun! If you are like me, you probably get tired of reading promotional and marketing reviews, and with so many products around, it is difficult to decide which is the best motorcycle cover for you and more importantly that is best overall for your motorcycle

Motorcycle Cover

Guess what? Every single product on the internet claims that it is the overall best. Should believe that?  Why should you trust them?

Because they claim to be the best based on reviews someone else made?

Or should you take a different approach to finding the right cover you need?

I believe one cover can be great for me and horrible for my friend, and the buyer should be the one to research information on more than one cover and then decide which one is truly the best for him/ her.  Ultimately, each bike needs a cover that would work best for it.

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Cover Comparison Research

Searching for the right cover for you is easier said than done because there are so many bikes out there. The great thing about amazon is for each cover you can pick your make, model, year, and they will tell you if a cover is available for your bike. Below I have created a sortable chart so you can see organize by size, amazon rating, and price. There is nothing out there 100% perfect, but some of these outdoor covers are pretty darn close.

So, here you have a comparison chart of the technical specifications of several different covers, as well as their Amazon rating and their price:

Motorcycle CoversBrandBike SizeWater ResistantItem WeightUV-treatedWindshield LinerOtherPriceReview
Pilot Automotive CC-6331
PilotSmallYes1 poundNoNoIncludes Storage Bag$$4 Stars
Pilot Automotive CC-6321

PilotSmallYes1 poundNoNoIncludes Storage Bag$$4 Stars
Pilot Automotive CC-6311

PilotSmallYes4.8 ouncesNoNoIncludes Storage Bag$$4 Stars
Dowco 50002-02 Guardian WeatherAll Plus
DowcoMediumYes3.8 PoundsYesNoAluminized Heat Shields$$$$4.5 Stars
Dowco 50004-02 Guardian WeatherAll Plus

DowcoXLYes4.3 PoundsYesNoAluminized Heat Shields$$$$4.5 Stars
Nelson-Rigg MC-904-02-MD Deluxe

Nelson-RiggMediumYes1.6 PoundsYesYesSilver heat resistant lower panels$$$4 Stars
Pilot Automotive CC-6322

PilotMediumYes1 PoundNoNoIncludes Storage Bag$$4 Star
Nelson-Rigg MC-904-03-LG Deluxe

Nelson-RiggLargeYes1.6 PoundsYesYesSilver heat resistant lower panels$$$4 Star
Pilot Automotive CC-6312

PilotMediumYes1 PoundNoNoIncludes Storage Bag$$4 Star
Dowco 26010-00 Guardian

DowcoMediumYes1.6 PoundsYesNoNo$$$4 Star
Dowco 26035-00 Guardian

DowcoMediumYes1.8 PoundsYesNoCompact Design$$$4.5 Stars
Nelson-Rigg MC-902-02-MD

Nelson-RiggMediumYes1.9 PoundsYesYesSilver heat resistant lower panels$$$4 Star
Dowco 50003-02

DowcoMediumYes3.8 PoundsYesYesAluminized Heat Shields$$$$4.5 Stars
Nelson-Rigg DE-2000-02-MD

Nelson-RiggMediumYes4 PoundsYesYesSilver heat resistant lower panels$$$$4 Stars
Nelson-Rigg UV-2000-02-MD Half Cover

Nelson-Riggmedium/half coverYes1.2 PoundsYesNoCompact Design$$$4.5 Stars
Dowco 26015-00 Guardian Half Motorcycle Cover

Dowco medium/half coverYes1.7 PoundsNoNoNone$$$3.5 Stars
Dowco 50002-03 Guardian WeatherAll

DowcoMediumYes3.3 PoundsNoYesAluminized Heat Shields$$$$4.5 Star


Top 3 Best Cover Reviews

Here are our brief reviews on the top 3 products:

Pilot Automotive

On the one hand, what I like the best about this cover is its value. Compared to the other two this is a great price. As the most affordable one among the three products, it can provide exactly what you need to keep your bike safe. It will cover your motorcycle, folds flat, and comes with a storage bag. Aside from that, you are also able to select from many different types of motorcycles to see if it is fits. These are some of the reasons why I pick this as one of the best covers.

The following are some of the other advantages of the Pilot cover that are worth mentioning:

  • Lightweight
  • Water resistant
  • Underneath strap keeps it together during the wind

On the other hand, what I like the least about this product is its size. Many reviewers have noted that after ordering the correct cover for their make and model that the cover did not fit. Some reviewers have suggested ordering a bigger size than you need. Also, it is made of plastic, and cannot be put on immediately after a ride because it will melt from the heat of your pipes.


Check out the Pilot Automotive at



The second cover I like is the Nelson-Rigg. What I like the most about this item is its heat resistance. With the Pilot you cannot put on the cover until the pipes are cooled, but the Nelson-Rigg comes with silver heat resistant panels. Aside from that, the following are the other things that I like about the Nelson-Rigg cover:

  • It is equipped with a windshield lining that protects it from scratching and hazing
  • It has a ventilation system to prevent condensation build-up
  • Fits most sport bikes with wind screens
  • Water-resistant

On the other hand, however, like the Pilot the sizing of the cover is difficult to get right. Obviously this is very important because you do not want to purchase a cover that is not going to fit your motorcycle. Many reviewers noted the cover was not big enough to fit their bike. This can be easily remedied by ordering a bigger size.


Check out the Nelson-Rigg at


Dowco 50003-02 Guardian

Thirdly and lastly, this Dowco product has some good properties too that made me include it in my list of the top  covers. What I like the most about this product is the fact that it has an aluminized coating that will allow the cover to come in contact with hot pipes and mufflers without melting or burning. This is an incredible invention. Whereas the previous products do not have this feature, but the Dowco does. With the Dowco you will never have to worry about arriving home in bad weather and not be able to put your cover on. With the Dowco as soon as you arrive at your destination this cover can be put on. Aside from that, the following are its properties that are also worth noting:

  • Comes with elastic cord to encapsulate the bike
  • Designed to fit bikes with windshields
  • Fabric protection and fabric treatment to prevent the color of the cover from fading
  • Constructed from 300-denier urethane-coated polyester that is very heavy duty
  • Waterproof Motorcycle Cover
  • Lifetime guarantee!

So, if you are looking for a good investment, then this would probably be your best option.


Check out the Dowco 50003-02 Guardian at


How To Find The Best Motorcycle Cover

You don’t have to take my word for granted regarding these 3 sets of covers. You can find your own top 3 covers by using the standard I used for making my own list. Some of the most common aspects you may want to include in your search for a great cover are the following:

  • Price
  • How much it weights
  • Water resistant
  • Warranty
  • If it fits your bike
  • Material: If it can be put on immediately after use

In my opinion, the most important 3 factors are price, fit, material and the satisfaction shown by other customers.

Moneywise, people tend to look for the cheapest cover on the market. However, this should not be the case, since there are some motorcycle covers out there whose real worth is close to 0. The most rational thing you can do is to look at the value of your motorcycle. What I mean is, how much is your bike worth to you? Would you want your bike to get damaged after spending thousands of dollars on its purchase because you went cheap on the cover?

You need to try to find the one cover that fits you and your needs. In my opinion, the Dowco is the best because of the lifetime guarantee and you can put it on after a ride.

The customer satisfaction should be something you look for you as well, regardless of whether you are buying a t-shirt or a cover for your bike. Looking at Amazon reviews will help you gain a better understanding of the products, so that you are equipped to make the best decision. What other people say about the product is something you shouldn’t miss.

If you only look at the rating then that may not be the best thing to do though. On the other hand, looking at every review made by customers might take a lot of time, and you may not be able to spend it so much on simply reading reviews. If you don’t have time to read reviews, the best thing you can do is to look at the 5-star reviews and their value.



I think the clear winner out of all the covers is the Dowco 50003-02 Guardian

It showed a very good set of advantages and only minor disadvantages. It has many Essential factors + lots of great customer reviews which has convinced me that this cover is really the best one out there!

The other 2 products I presented are fine too, and you will get good value for the price, but I believe the Dowco cover should be among your top choices!